Many members and visitors had commented on the damp patches on the walls in the club lounge and there was water coming through the ceiling in the snooker room.  There were patches of mould growing on the plaster in the club lounge and snooker room.

We applied for a grant from BIFFA Award to replace the roof and got several quotes from builders.  We chose the quote from Grace Builders as they are local and have a very good reputation.

After an extensive selection process over many months we were advised of our success in July.  The work was started iand completed in August.  The roof is a mixture of several levels and many corners and bends.  Grace Builders recommended a rubber based roof to allow for expansion and contraction with the changes in weather.  This would overcome the excessive problems created by the traditional ashfelt roof type.

We have a number of photographs of the work in progress and the completed finish.  We have also prepared a video demontrating the vast difference the work has made.

We are delighted with the standard of the finished job and totally indebted to BIFFA Award for their much need support.


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Thanks to Offmore Road Garage

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